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Dödsmässa (swedish word for Death Mass, Requiem).
The Dödsmässa Society began organizing events in Uddevalla (Sweden), 2021. Initially, it was only for closed and private groups, but going forward, it includes both public and private events.
We aim to keep the underground scene in music, art, and related forms vibrant. We provide opportunities for bands, artists, and creators to express and showcase their creative flows. Primarily featuring local artists from the west regions of Sweden but also from other parts of Sweden and abroad. We always strive to mix female and male artists to achieve a good balance.
All events in Uddevalla at Kulturhuset Bastionen are arranged in conspiracy with Musikföreningen Adrian.
For more information, purpose and goals of the association, read more under "Information".

The Reaper!

News and updates

For rolling news and updates follow our instagram @dodsmassa and facebook page and join our facebook group (mainly in Swedish, but it's OK to write in English too).

Log of the latest important news

2024-04-27: Sixth mass done! | Requiem: Kulturhuset Bastionen

Thanks to all involved!!!


Dödsmässa #7 (date ?)

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Ancient masses

Dödsmässa #6 (2024-04-27): Sunken, Gravkväde, Doula Infernum + Eldhexan, Studio Myrkraverk, Laney Tattoo, Skogheims Keramik, Grym Dekadens, Mad Rabbit Art & Tattoos
Dödsmässa #5 (2023-12-02): Bastard Grave, Black Wound + Hinsides Magazine, Catharina Linnéa Artworks, Elegy Photography, Siborg Tattoo, Growls From The Underground
Dödsmässa #4 (2023-02-04): Warfect, Death Reich, Vomitrot + Catharina Linnéa Artworks, Elegy Photography, Siborg, Growls From The Underground
Dödsmässa #3 (2022-10-01): Sarcator, Svältvinter, Sarcastic, VVV + Phallosiris Art, Siborg, Growls From The Underground
Dödsmässa #2 (2022-04-02): Kill, Voodus, Gravkväde, Obolus + Catharina Linnéa Artworks, ElegyPhotography, Growls From The Underground
Dödsmässa #1 (2021-11-13): Nekrosity, Death Reich, Vomitrot, Revenge Prevails + Eldhexan, Phallosiris Art, Growls From The Underground


How do I buy ticket or become a member to enter a Dödsmässa event?

Public events: Tickets available @ tickster.com
Private events: Membership is unique per mass! Send an inquiry via email to info@dodsmassa.com

If you have Shitbook, join the facebook group and follow our fb-page @dodsmassa and ig-account @dodsmassa for more information!


The rules below apply to all performers, crew, exhibitors, vendors and all visitors. This therefore applies to EVERYONE attending Dödsmässa.
- Bringing your own alcohol is prohibited!
- Behave yourself. If you act like an idiot, you will be kicked out and, in the worst case, banned forever!

Accomodation suggestions for members who are going to Dödsmässa

Closest hotel: Hotel Riverside, riverside.nu
Other hotels and hostels:
Hotel Carlia, carlia.com
Search booking.com (Uddevalla)

The purpose of Dödsmässa

The purpose of the association is to arrange small-scale music and related artistic events. Some events will be public and some will be private. The core of the association and invited bands/artists/performers is to work together with activities around the events. The focus of the events is on so-called underground metal and dark ambient, but other genres and performances may occur. We like to see smaller local performing acts but are also open for other national and international performers and artists. The purpose is also for like-minded people to meet.

The goals of Dödsmässa

The goals of the association are that the events and other things that are arranged should go at least break even financially and the membership fees cover our and our partners expenses like rent and related costs. There is no profit motive, all money should go to the events and hopefully some to the bands/artists. The goal is also to work for a live music scene in the above mentioned genres. A long-term goal is to arrange a multi-day festival.

Do you have a band or are you an artist who wants to perform at our masses?

Read the information on this page twice so you understand the concept, purpose and goals. Do this before contacting us please! At the time of writing, we do not have the finances to pay bands to travel here and arrange accommodation. It may change in the future, but this is the situation right now. We also do not have time with bands that do not fit our concept either. But otherwise you are very welcome to contact us to see if it is possible to make a collaboration.


The standard agreement and collaboration with Musikföreningen Adrian is if there is money left over after their expenses for venue rent, sound engineer etc. the bands share the surplus. It therefore depends on how many members come to the mass. That is why it is important that we all help to promote it! Sometimes it can be a few thousand kroner per band, but in the worst case it will be nothing. We want to be open about this so everyone knows what applies.
Exceptions for certain bookings and arrangements may occur.

- We all do this for the underground.
- "DIY" with no goal of profit other than trying to cover costs and hopefully be able to give the bands/artists something.
- As well as offering bands, artists and other artistic forms to show and perform their music and art.


Mail: info@dodsmassa.com
Instagram: @dodsmassa
Facebook page: facebook.com/dodsmassa
Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/dodsmassa

Crew & duties

Rasmus Kvist
Main booker
Contact: info@dodsmassa.com

Nicklas Rudolfsson
Founder of Dödsmässa, senior booking assistant and coordinator, website, DJ (Necrotic Noise)
Contact: info@dodsmassa.com | instagram

Other crew: various from time to time.

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